Is Champagne Good For Health?

Fun Facts About Champagne

Champagne is the preferred drink during celebrations because it has been known to symbolize royalty and aristocracy due to its expensive nature.

Not only is champagne a fancy-looking drink, but it is also the one drink that you can consume without feeling guilty that it may be harming your body. Drinking champagne has many health benefits that are listed in this article below.

Low on Calories

Champagne has the lowest number of calories as compared to other alcoholic beverages. So those who are watching their weight and are concerned about their waistline can be assured that it is the healthier drink alternative.

Champagne glasses are also smaller in size; therefore, there is automatic portion control. It is the healthier option, and you can enjoy a glass of bubbly with ease without worrying about where the extra calories are going to hit you.

It is Bubbly

Effervescent beverages are usually consumed more slowly. Champagne is bubbly and sipped slowly, making you feel full faster. Even if you have the same quantity of another drink, champagne will make you feel fuller. This allows you to pace your drinks out rather than drinking too much too fast.

This way, you can continue to enjoy your night while slowly sipping on your drink without experiencing any awkward moments. Bubbles make everything look fancier; hence they make the perfect drink when celebrating an occasion.

Good for the Heart

According to a study published in the British Journal of Nutrition, Champagne has been found to have positive effects on the heart. It lowers blood pressure, reduces cholesterol, and prevents the formation of blood clots. Thus helping prevent cardiovascular disease and stroke.

Champagne contains polyphenols in red and white grapes used in the production of champagne. Polyphenols act on the availability of nitric oxide present in the blood by delaying its removal.

Nitric oxide helps slow down blood movement along the vessels and keeps them dilated. This helps lower blood pressure and reduce hypertension and the risk of heart disease in patients. Therefore, it is advisable to drink two glasses of champagne daily for improved heart health.

It Helps Prevent Dementia

Drinking champagne has been found to have positive effects on brain function and memory. It helps sharpen your mind and makes you think clearly. Here’s another reason to choose your favorite bubbly over other beverages when you’re enjoying a nice brunch or dinner!

It Makes Your Spatial Memory Sharper

Drinking champagne can improve your focus and can enhance your spatial memory. It can make you more alert and can help you navigate your way around better. Not only does it give you an instant kick, but it also has long-term benefits for brain health and function.

It Is Great for the Skin

Champagne contains antioxidants that help clear acne-prone skin as well as evens out the tone leaving your skin looking more youthful and glowing. It can also be used as a toner to reduce redness and inflammation and decrease sebum production, reducing the appearance of acne and oily skin. However, champagne can have a drying effect and must be limited to twice a week.

You End Up Drinking Less

Bubbly drinks tend to make you feel full faster while consuming less of the drink. It also makes you feel tipsy faster than wine but wears off quicker. Therefore it is an easier drink to have. Since carbonated drinks get absorbed in the bloodstream faster and cause a head rush, people tend to consume less of the drink.

Champagne glasses are smaller than those for other alcoholic beverages, and therefore, you end up consuming a smaller serving size and lesser calories while feeling full at the same time.

It Makes Your Hair Bouncier

Champagne contains antioxidants that neutralize free radicals, which can help boost the volume of your hair. During the fermentation process that champagne undergoes, it leaves amino acids and vitamins behind, which add shine and softness to the hair.

The way to use champagne on hair is to dilute it with water in a spray bottle and spray on the hair after taking a bath.

Leave this on your hair for fifteen minutes, and then rinse with warm water.

Alternatively, you may pour some champagne directly onto your hair and rinse it with water after a minute to make your hair look extra shiny and voluminous.

Helps You Sleep Better

Champagne has a relaxing effect as it is a central nervous system depressant. It also has a sedating effect and makes you sleep faster as champagne goes straight to the head. But remember to be careful about how much you drink and not to drink too much as it can lead to a terrible hangover the next day.

Pop in a Berry for Some Extra Benefits

While red and white wine have the added benefits of flavonoids providing extra antioxidants that champagne doesn’t have. This problem can easily be solved by adding a strawberry or two into your glass of champagne for that extra flavor and a boost of antioxidants packed in them. Strawberries are rich in flavonoids and also go deliciously well when paired with champagne. 


Finally, we can conclude that champagne is one drink you can enjoy without worrying about harming your body. Instead, it has many additional health benefits while enjoying your buzz. There is no need to worry about any extra calories, raised blood pressure, or going overboard on the drink.

Being low on calories and its fantastic benefits for the heart and brain health, champagne is a winner alcoholic drink that one can feel safe about consuming every day.

It is no wonder that champagne is a celebratory drink as it would make anyone feel good while consuming it, bearing in mind all its amazing benefits.