What Is Rose Champagne?

Fun Facts About Champagne

Here is all you need to know about this fun, fruity summer beverage that is especially enjoyed over beachy holidays. Depending on how they were made, their color may range from a deep red hue to a salmon pink color.

What Is Rose Champagne?

Rose champagne gets its distinct color from the duration of contact with the skin of the grapes. White wine is produced with skinned grapes that have had no contact with the skin during fermentation. The intensity of the hue is determined by how long the grapes are fermented with the skin on.

Rose is a beautiful pink fruit-flavored champagne that is enjoyed by many people worldwide and pairs really well with meaty dishes and dessert. It is usually raspberry or strawberry. It is not the cheapest alcoholic beverage out there due to the effort that goes into its preparation. It’s got light, dry and crispy notes while it is sweeter when bubbly.

What Makes Rose Champagne Pink?

The distinguishing factor of Champagne rose is its beautiful pink hue. Here are the following ways that are used to give it its distinct color. The color of Rose ranges from a deep red to salmon pink. It can be done in the following ways:

The Bled Method

This is not the most common method of coloring rose Champagne but it may sometimes be used. In this method, some of the red wine is bled off and poured into another vat during fermentation. It is then mixed with white wine to create the desired hue of pink Champagne or Rose Champagne

Mixing In Red Wine

Red wine can be added to white sparkling wine slowly to achieve the desired color of Rose Champagne. Red wine has an intense deep color and can be carefully mixed into white wine to get the perfect blend of color. Both are fermented separately before they are mixed in to produce Rose.

Leaving Red Or Black Grapes With Their Skins On During Fermentation

White wine is made by ensuring that grapes are properly skinned before fermentation so that they are allowed to macerate. The longer the grape skins are in contact with the wine, the more intense the color will be. Hence the color of the wine can be controlled.

What Is The Difference Between Regular Champagne And Rose?

Rose champagne, while fruitier than regular Champagne, is not as light. It also has a more intense flavor than regular Champagne, making it more intense. Aside from the color there is not much difference between the two drinks. It does, however, offer a rich and smooth texture, and the bubbles give it that extra kick.

Rose also requires an extra step to produce and therefore is more time-consuming and hence more expensive than regular Champagne is.

Why Is Rose Champagne More Expensive?

Producing rose champagne is very time-consuming, labor intensive, and requires a lot of effort. Due to these reasons, rose champagne is more expensive than regular Champagne. It is made using two different methods. The first and more common method is by blending non-sparkling red wine carefully into regular Champagne to create a fruity and flavorful blend of rose champagne. This method is easier and more commonly used.

The second method of producing champagne rose is maceration. This is when you allow black-skinned grapes to sit and macerate to achieve the desired color before pressing them. This process can take anywhere between 24 to 76 hours, depending on the time of the year for grapes.

Due to the extra time and effort that goes into producing a bottle of Rose, it becomes pricier and is enjoyed on special occasions.

Rose is a popular drink for a beachy holiday or a hot summer’s day by the pool. It looks great in photographs and is a favorite drink for brunches and afternoon lunches. It is considered a sophisticated beverage that can be enjoyed at fancy and laid-back events. Its versatility makes it a very popular drink.

Benefits Of Champagne Rose

Due to the presence of Resveratrol which is present in grapes, Champagne Rose has the following health benefits:

  • Great for cardiovascular health
  • Ideal for lowering blood pressure
  • Low on calories
  • Antioxidants and anti-ageing properties

The Final Word

Rose is also known as pink Champagne due to its color and is one of the most famous sparkling wines worldwide. Enjoyed by most people and suitable for many occasions, the rose is a fruity, smooth and sophisticated beverage. It is a little more expensive than regular Champagne due to the extra steps involved in its production, and therefore it is a wine that is most often used on special occasions. It has a full-bodied flavor and can therefore be paired well with heavy meals as well as desserts. It is also the preferred choice for a romantic evening due to its lovely color. Paired with a bouquet of roses, a glass of rose is bound to sweep your date off their feet!